Studio Snapshot

Studio N

The early ballettrist takes a photo before people come in to stretch

Here’s one of the beautiful studio spaces at Studio N (otherwise known as the Big Ballet School, the formal academy that trains professional dancers and also has a progressive adult programme). My place on Wednesday nights, at least until the term ends in July, is in the corner, by the fire exit. This way, when we turn to the left side, I have no one in front of me to copy and have to rely on memory. I wish I could dance here all the time — the bright space always feels immense, the marley floor’s well maintained, and the pianist (let’s call him Prokofiev) who accompanies Mr. B’s Level 3/4 class is top-notch — when Pro plays an adage, it’s like the notes are waves that help you lift and sustain your leg! I should write about Mr. B elsewhere — the nickname really fits, as he loves injecting Balanchine-sque steps in the centre. We had a tendu sequence with nifty hip swings (from Rubies, I think?) that felt decidedly un-classical but were oh so fun to do. Must practice those for next week, in case they come up again.


7 thoughts on “Studio Snapshot

    • It does! Besides less teacher time spent fiddling with an iPod and more time actually dancing, there’s something magical too — it’s easier to pretend you’re actually performing with live music. It feeds the imagination πŸ™‚

      • In class last week, I was lagging behind the class during an exercise and ended up finishing up four counts behind everyone else. The pianist kept playing for me so I could finish off in style. It felt like I was a STAR even though I was just a slow and silly ninny. πŸ˜‰ Love it.

        • I love it! You weren’t slow — you were just playing with time. πŸ˜‰ That’s really sweet of the pianist. I like how ours slows down for the one guy in class when he does grande allegro down the diagonal. See, an iPod can’t do that!

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